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You’re Drinking Wine Wrong

You’re Drinking Wine Wrong

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔January 25, 2018 0 comments

We understand that’s a confusing statement. For most of us, if we’ve managed to get the wine from glass (or bottle!) to mouth and down the hatch, we call that successful wine drinking! But the way you order and drink your wine can effect your overall enjoyment of the experience!

Enter star sommelier Robert Bohr, via Bloomberg, with reasonable explanations of exactly what we’re doing wrong, and how to fix it!

Sommeliers Help Those Who Help Themselves

So explain your situation. They’re wine experts, not mind readers.

Different situations require different wines. Let’s say you’ve been to a place 10 times for business, but this time it’s your anniversary, and you want to go big. Articulate what you’re looking for from the sommelier at the outset.

Don’t be afraid to name wines you enjoy as a basis for them to build from. At the same time, don’t leave it all on the shoulders of your somm. Give them something to work with.

Please don’t ask: “What do you suggest?” My wine list is my suggestion… But if you really do want suggestions, I am here to help.

Embrace the Empty Vessel

Do not allow your somm (or server, or spouse, or friend) to refill your glass before you have drained it.

Otherwise you’re having a blended experience—a wine that’s been sitting in your glass has opened up, and then an overly aggressive server is mixing it with a wine that’s been sitting in the bottle, perhaps one that’s icy cold.

Farewell to Flutes

The traditional Champagne flute is a lovely tradition… whose time has passed.

Sparkling wines, particularly good Champagnes, are more expansive in a white wine glass than in a narrow flute that is mostly used to accentuate the little bubbles.

White wine glasses with a wide diameter – which allow you to experience aromas – are a better bet.


These few, small changes to your wine habits will give you more pleasure from the thing you already love… drinking it.

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