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Your Winter Hours 2015!

Your Winter Hours 2015!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔January 5, 2015 0 comments

We asked, you answered, and we listened!

The last few days of 2014 left us with some decisions to make but we had no idea where to start! Eventually we realized the best people to ask were our loyal customers. As always, our audience was attentive, respectful, and so very helpful. Within a day, everyone helped us answer our question and we now have new winter hours at the winery! Not only was this process awesome because of our audience input, but we now know for sure that our changes are what’s best for YOU.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.52.32 PM

This is a tactic we intend to use for many more of our winery’s questions so get ready! We’ll post the question on our Facebook page and leave the answering up to you! Just post what you think in our comments section and we’ll read through each and every one. Even if your answer isn’t listed in the choices we may give, we still value it and encourage you to talk to us. Our recent decision was made from a hybrid of awesome answers.

Questions aside, if there is ever a concern you may have about our winery or a particular event, our Facebook and Twitter are wide open for your comments! Fire away. You’ll be heard, we promise.

On that note, your input has helped us come with new winter hours for Laurita Winery! Check ’em out:

Thursday: 12pm-6pm
Friday: 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: CLOSED

We couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative of your participation in our survey. We look forward to many more AND we absolutely cannot wait for a rockin’ winter at Laurita Winery! Cheers!


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