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You Know Wine Is Heart Healthy… But WHY?

You Know Wine Is Heart Healthy… But WHY?

blog , Laurita Winery , wine news , Wine Science 🕔April 7, 2018 0 comments

We’ve told you before, wine can be good for you. Among other benefits (like preventing sunburn, inhibiting cancer, or fighting insulin resistance), drinking wine is known to be good for cardiovascular health.

But why is wine good for your heart?

Wine Spectator reports that a group of researchers have “performed a meta-analysis of 76 past scientific reports regarding wine’s long-term and acute health effects” in an effort to answer the question.

The analysis, published in the scientific journal Metabolism, looked at studies concerning biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease, including lipid metabolism, hemostatic mechanisms, inflammation, and glucose and insulin metabolism.

The group, from the University of Athens and Harokopio University, chose studies that either compared wine drinking to abstinence or the consumption of wine to the effect of other alcoholic beverages.

Wine has long been associated with increased levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the so-called “good cholesterol” that helps reduce the risk of heart disease. After looking at the studies concerning lipid metabolism, the researchers suggested that increased HDL levels were associated with the ethanol found in any type of alcoholic beverage, not just wine.

Interestingly, the data on LDL (or “bad” cholesterol) and other lipid-related biomarkers were inconclusive.

The hemostatic system, which essentially controls bleeding and blood clots, appeared to be positively affected both by wine specifically, as well as by alcohol in general…

Similarly, the endothelium (the cell lining of blood vessels) was also shown to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of both ethanol and wine-specific compounds, though the researchers stated that a clear outcome couldn’t be determined.

So, what does it all mean?

It means, according to the group’s analysis, that the new research confirms the old research! Wine is good for your cardiovascular system! As for the why of it… well, we still don’t know. The analysis calls for further research.

We’d like to volunteer! We’re more than happy to drink wine for a good (or any, or no particular) cause, and if we’re getting healthier while we do it? So much the better.

In fact, from now on, when we drink wine we’re going to call it “doing cardio”. Who’s with us?


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