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Wine Review – Chambourcin

Wine Review – Chambourcin

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

February 23, 2012: Wine of the Month Review – Chambourcin [Shahm-boor-SAN]

Planted in the Laurita Vineyard in 2002, Chambourcin has become one of our bestselling wines.

chambourcinA red wine hybrid that was introduced in 1963 by Joannes Seyve that has gained favorable acceptance particularly in France’s Loire region. Chambourcin is planted widely in the mid-Atlantic region of North America since the 1970’s particularly in states like New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Chambourcin has ideal conditions in New Jersey to provide an enticing medium to full bodied wine. It has loose clusters which are a good defense against East Coast humidity. It is winter hardy and ripens late in good seasons. Quality growers, like Laurita, aim for smaller, more concentrated yields. Chambourcin wine offers expressive herbaceous aromas, combined with excellent structure, a result of their thick skins, high tannins and good acidity. It is a dark grape with tremendous deep-color. The wine produced has a dry style with a moderate sugar taste without an overbearing sweet flavor.

Chambourcin pairs well with grilled meats, sausages, roasted poultry, and dishes with mushrooms. AND try it with chocolate!

[item icon=”✒” ]Gold Medal, Florida State Fair Wine & Grape Juice Competition[/item]
[item icon=”✒” ]Silver Medal, The Garden State Wine Growers Association Competition[/item]
[item icon=”✒” ]John Foy, wine columnist for the Star-Ledger, chose Laurita’s Chambourcin as one of his Top Five New Jersey Wines for 2009[/item]

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