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Wine Prices Are Up For Holidays But Not At Laurita!

Wine Prices Are Up For Holidays But Not At Laurita!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔December 22, 2015 0 comments

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say again: we love the holidays! It allows us to share our love for wine with our friends and family. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure that our wine prices remain competitive but always fair. However, A new report finds a sharp increase in the cost of wine, beer, and mixed drinks — if you are going out — for the 2015 holiday season.

According to a report on CNN/Money, the price of wine is up 44 percent. But it seems this tick in price will largely affect those who choose to go out to trendy bars. According to CNN/Money, many people these days  want to drink in trendy new restaurants….not local dive bars.

So all that trendy furniture, lighting, and TV displays cost money, which is then reflected in the price of your drinks.

The good news, or no news depending on your point of view, is that the cost of supermarket wine has barely increased. For example, you could buy a $10 bottle of wine a decade ago, and you can still buy a $10 bottle of wine today.

And that local dive bar, where you can see imprints on the chairs are so deep that it looks like Norm Peterson from Cheers had sat in them, you will likely pay the same too.

Better still, all the carefully curated wines at Laurita remain the same price as before. So while we understand the need for people–especially younger people– to hit the more swankier bars this Holiday season, we feel there’s nothing better than curling up by the fire with a fairly priced bottle of one of Laurita’s signature wines. Visit our wine page now to find a wine of your choosing.

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