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Wine Myths… Busted!

Wine Myths… Busted!

Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔October 12, 2017 0 comments

Remember that show…? The one with the experts who would take common myths and, well, bust them? Now wine expert Daniel Johnnes and his team are challenging common wine myths, via the NY Times.

At Daniel, the sommeliers, with an audience of about 40, took on five beliefs that may have originated either in custom or with an atom of truth, and over time grew into orthodoxy.


Value of Vintage

Some wine connoisseurs prefer to purchase only those vintages that are critically well regarded.

This may be a fine strategy for investors — those who buy great wines with the intent of reselling for a profit — but for people who simply want to enjoy good wines, it is a mistake, and sometimes a costly one.

If you’re buying wine just to drink, don’t obsess over specific years. Some years are more highly acclaimed than others, but that doesn’t mean the in-between years are bad.

Nontraditional Pairings

There are endless rules to pairing wine with food… but few of them are steadfast.

I’ve always believed that the conventional wisdom — white wine with fish and poultry, red wine with meat — is not a bad place to start.

But as people become more confident, they quickly find the exceptions.

The best way to find pairings that work is to experiment with your food and wine. Enjoy!

Take It’s Temperature

When it comes to serving temp of wine – red or white – you could be following the rules and still be wrong.

White wines are generally served cooler than reds, and in an era of refrigerators and ice, this has come to mean ice-cold. Reds, meanwhile, are to be served at “room temperature,” a term derived at a time when many rooms had thick stone walls, and the indoor temperature may have hovered around 60 degrees.

For reds, the bottle should be cool to the touch. The finer whites can also be served cool to lightly chilled, while lesser whites will benefit from colder temperatures.


Know any wine myths you’d like to see busted? Tell us in the comments! And check back for More Wine Myths… Busted!


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