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Wine Gadgets – Taking Tech Too Far?

Wine Gadgets – Taking Tech Too Far?

Laurita Winery , wine humor , Wine Science 🕔December 30, 2016 0 comments

Everybody loves gadgets. We’ve got gadgets for everything, and so of course there are gadgets for wine. But are these high tech tools (or toys, depending on your view) really living up to the hype?

We’ve mentioned different wine gadgets here in the past. Makes sense. We love gadgets and technological doo-dads as much as anybody else, and we love wine. Anything that combines the two at least makes us curious, and sometimes we share. (Like now.)

We found a review on several gadgets in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Corkscrewed: Is wine gadgetry a gift? And we gotta tell you, they had us at hello.

You know what’s easy? Opening, pouring and throwing back a bottle of wine. All you need is a corkscrew, a glass and a functional liver. It’s worked consistently for millennia.

But still… they’re gadgets. Techy little toys that make us feel powerful, and give us an excuse to show them off to our friends. And they’re gadgets for wine!! So we were still curious. Especially since we’ve mentioned a few of these before. And we’re glad we kept reading.

They review multiple tools for removing the sulfites from wine. This is popular now, with the recent focus on reactions experienced by sensitive individuals. So, if sulfites are making people ill, technology to remove them is a good thing! Right?


How many times can we say this? Sulfites occur naturally in wine, as they do in many other foods. Many winemakers add additional sulfur as a preservative; that’s generally a very good thing. About 1 percent of the population is allergic to sulfites, the vast majority of whom are asthmatics. If you can consume dried apricots, a can of tuna, raisins, Maraschino cherries, sauerkraut or canned olives without breaking out in hives, you are not allergic to sulfites.


On to the next nifty gadget… the Kuvee. (We’ve talked about this one, too.) This “smart wine bottle” was supposed to expand the wine experience into cyberspace while keeping your wine fresh and providing you an education.


Where to begin? It did not even literally work past the setup phase on the touch screen; connecting to Wi-Fi (requisite) was tricky, and then a message alerting me that the “bottle clock isn’t updated yet” forbade me from advancing.

Our favorite may be the Savino, a clear glass preservation vessel.

No touch screen, no charging dock — just a glass vessel with a lid that seals tightly. This may sound like a number of items you already own, like a jar or Tupperware.


Scenario in which you should buy this: You need a vase.

From the review, we get the idea that Tupperware may have been more effective…


Got any informal gadget reviews of your own? Let us have ’em! And if you’d like to read the rest of the Corkscrewed product reviews, click here.

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