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Wine and Art: A Match Made in Heaven

Wine and Art: A Match Made in Heaven

News 🕔March 13, 2015 0 comments

“It’s a memory just waiting to happen,” is the best way to describe Canvas Mixers.  You literally leave this paint party with a memory that you made on canvas, for all to see, and ask “who is the artist of that priceless piece of art? I need to have my own!” Okay, so maybe viewers won’t be quite so enthusiastic, but you will be when you join this fun event!  Haven’t experienced Canvas Mixers before?  Let us paint you a picture.

With Canvas Mixers, you don’t need any experience with a brush or paints. Each group session is led by an artist who articulates how they are using their tools to create the final product, step-by-step. This isn’t a “color within the lines” kind of experience, either. The goal of each session is to give people something they can be proud of, whether that is a replica of the model, or a unique interpretation. It’s a better experience than watching the teacher on a screen, too. In person, the Canvas Mixer teacher gives you one-on-one help to create your best artwork!

Adult parties are “bring your own bottle” events!  Rather than bringing a bottle, though, we’re making it easy for you! This is such a great idea for Girls’ Night Out and Date Night, or to meet new people, like a mixer! Get it? Canvas Mixers of Collingswood ( is bringing their best artists to Laurita Winery March 20, 7 – 10 PM, to walk guests through the creation of the piece below!


What do you bring to the party?  Other than your creative vision, Canvas Mixers ask that all guests wear clothes that can get paint on them.  Aprons are provided, but there’s always a chance that a drop may make it on your sleeves or pants. Everyone is provided with a 16” x 20” canvas and an easel, as well as brushes and the necessary paints. With a glass of wine in hand, your inner artist will revel in the fun!

This isn’t the first painting event we’ve hosted.  You can ask anyone who has joined us before, and they will tell you that this is a unique experience! Sessions fill fast so contact your friends, get a final number, and reserve your space today! (

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