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Will Wine Bottles Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Will Wine Bottles Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Laurita Winery , News 🕔August 28, 2015 0 comments


In a world where we can arrange a lift, order groceries, and check our heart rate all from our phones, it seems like tangible materials and craftsmanship are becoming as obsolete as face-to-face communication. But all of these technological advances and conveniences could never impact the majesty that is a bottle of wine, right? Maybe so.

It seems a Boston-based startup named Kuvée is preparing to launch a high-tech wine bottle that, as Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner sees it, aims to be “the last [one] you’ll ever need,” Kuvee, founded by a successful software entrepreneur, a robotics engineer and a recent MIT grad, are trying to do to wind what Sodastream did to soda.

Kuvée intends to launch a WiFi-connected wine bottle into which the user will place a canister of the wine of his or her choice and pour a glass here or there, as needed. The canister is designed to protect the remainder of the wine from exposure to the air so as to to prevent it from oxidizing and going bad. The outside of the bottle will feature a touchscreen, or  “smart label,” with information about the wine you’re drinking and “social recommendations for Kuvée wines from drinkers with like taste profiles,” according to the blurb. You can reorder canisters with the tap of a button.

Now, we’re certainly no luddites who reject modern advances, but have we gotten so blasé and lazy that we can’t even appreciate a bottle of wine the way nature intended?

Tell us what you think! We like bottles the old-fashioned way, but that’s just us 🙂

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