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White Wine Glasses

White Wine Glasses

Laurita Winery 🕔April 24, 2015 2 comments

white-wine-glassDo you ever feel intimidated in a room full of wine-lovers who call themselves “sommeliers” and describe wine by more than just its color? Of course, you never feel that way at Laurita Winery! We want you know everything that goes into making that perfect bottle including how to best enjoy it! For that reason, we’ve posted a couple blogs about pairing foods with your wine, and even which glass to use! The education continues!

We’ve talked about the parts of a wine glass. Now, find the glasses that bring out the full flavor of your favorite white wine. Your first clue: they are smaller than glasses that hold red wine.

Pour Chardonnay into a shorter glass. A rounder bowl allows ample room for swirling. Think wide and shallow. You’ll taste the wine on the tip and sides of your tongue most. For wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, use tall, narrow glasses. The bolder flavor will be tasted on the side and the back of the tongue.chardonnay wine glass

Because white wine is best enjoyed chilled, always hold your glass at the stem. This prevents the heat of your hands from warming the beverage. For this reason, the easiest way to pick out a glass for white wine is to look for the longest stem.

Also, no matter how thirsty you may be, do not fill the glass whole! By filling the glass just less than half way, this leaves room for the aromas to fully evolve. When released to the top of the glass, the aromas add to the flavor sipped.

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