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Which Wines Pair Best With Homework?

Which Wines Pair Best With Homework?

Laurita Winery , Wine Weirdness 🕔October 21, 2016 1 comment

Pairing is a popular and important topic when talking about wine. We’ve given you a lot of recommendations in the past, including which wine to pair with pizza, with cheese, with summer cookout dishes, with desserts… and even with Girl Scout cookies! (We told you it’s a popular topic!)

But how about some practical, useful advice? Like, which wine pairs best with your child’s homework assignment?


Thankfully for all of us who understand (we’re like a sad, frustrated little club), the YouTube-famous Holderness family has some suggestions.

Let’s face it, homework is not for the weak. Sometimes it takes a strong drink to solve those word problems.

So which wine should you pair with those tough subjects? Take a look.



For math homework, we recommend pairing a California chardonnay. It’s buttery like my fingers from stress-eating potato chips, and bold like my child’s attitude as I try to explain long division.



For grammar, let’s take a trip to France for a nice Bordeaux. Smoky and firm… firm like my fists, which I clench in fury as my daughter googles “What is a pronoun?”



And for science, try a Cabernet. It’s complex, like this packet on cloud formation that our teacher just sent home; and dense, like me trying to explain it to her.

After all, all the science I remember is “vinegar + baking soda = volcano”.



For history let’s take a trip to Oregon for a pinot noir. You know, those Oregon grapes remind me that the only history I remember was what I learned while playing ‘Oregon Trail’ on the Apple 2GS.



And lastly, science projects. For that, we go straight vodka. I don’t feel like I need to explain myself… Cheers.

The whole video is worth a watch, if for no other reason than their daughter in the background is hilarious! That kid looks like she enjoys her parents’ shenanigans about as much as she enjoys her homework!

But as funny as we found the Holderness family and their video, we can’t help but think…


We mean, how old is that child? Maybe middle school? Yeah.

We’re looking forward to their follow-up video in a few years, when she starts bringing home the algebra.


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