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When It Comes To Wine, Are You An Alpha?

When It Comes To Wine, Are You An Alpha?

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine humor 🕔June 9, 2018 0 comments

You’ve heard the term “alpha”. Sometimes it’s applied to wolves or dogs, sometimes men, sometimes super heroes… but have you heard of wine alphas?

We hadn’t. But we have the scoop, from the Wall Street Journal!

A wine alpha has the self-assumed (or self-proclaimed) responsibility of knowing everything about a particular wine or vintage or region or country—or in the case of the wine-alpha charlatans, to pretend to know.

Ahhh. We have heard of them. We usually call them “wine snobs”. But let’s continue with the alpha thing.

All it really takes to be a wine alpha is an opinion forcibly expressed, according to my friend Paulette, a former wine salesperson turned farmer.

The opposite, per WSJ, is the “wine beta”, which is an accurate description of… well… most of us who just enjoy wine.

Peggy is a wholesale wine sales rep who once owned a vineyard, but she still calls herself a wine beta because she understands enough about wine to recognize how much she still has to learn. “In any area of wine, I know there’s someone who knows more than me,” said Peggy, in modest beta mode.

To make the whole thing just a little more confusing, there are those who feel we need sub categories.

He further suggested that alphas should be divided into “caring” alphas who want to impart wisdom to less knowledgeable betas and alphas who simply “want to dominate.” Correspondingly, he divided wine betas into drinkers who are simply “passive and don’t care about wine” and those who are quietly “hoping to learn something.”

Well, for ourselves, we just want to drink wine. While we don’t mind sharing what we know, we don’t want to force it on anyone… and we really don’t want lectured by an alpha between sips either. So how do you find a happy medium?

If you’re a wine beta, don’t be totally passive, because you might learn something useful. And if you’re a wine alpha, be sure to impart information that’s both helpful and accurate—and don’t be a jerk.

Sounds good to us.

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