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What's Happening in the Vineyard

What's Happening in the Vineyard

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

It’s a repeat of 2012 HOT & HUMID — July 01, 2013
If you’ve managed to survive the recent weather pattern of daily extremely high temperature and evenings of thunderousIMG_1745_ down pours, then God bless you. Our vines are struggling along with you, their response was to blast through the pre-bloom period, through Flowering and now into the Chick and Peas stage. Clusters are developing in great numbers forcing us to consider shoot and cluster thinning ASAP.

You may have noticed in your previous visits to our winery, that we apply the VSP (Vertical Shoot Positioning) training system of our vines. The vines are forced via moveable trellising in an upward direction thereby opening the row for air movement and exposure to sunlight. However, current weather conditions do not allow us to apply the VSP in fear of mold and mildew development. Therefore, we are leaving the vines grow as freely as possible to minimize the exposure and concentration of mold and mildew. The heat of the day hopefully will burn off the previous nights’ downpour.

Meanwhile, they remain healthy and free of mold and mildew; the clusters are absorbing the nutrients from the ground, and energy from the Sun.

I’ll keep you posted as the season progresses!!

Nicolaas Opdam

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