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What’s happening in the Vineyard

What’s happening in the Vineyard

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

August 12, 2013 – Still HOT and Humid!! Great if you live on the islands where Tropical breezes and cool blue waters refresh your day, but here in Jersey with NO breeze, well you know what I’m talking about.

IMG_1187wIf you have been following my small news insertion pertaining to What’s Happening in the Vineyard, you may recall that we opened the Grape vine canopies to allow for what little breeze there is to penetrate the heart of the vines.

As you drive the countryside you may have noticed few trees with copper coloured fringed leaves,and some have begun to change the colour of its leaves possibly hinting at an Early Fall. These changes are responses to the weather, the copper fringed leaves are signs of molds and mildew plus rot brought on by excess moisture(humidity). As Winemakers and Grape growers, we fear these conditions and attempt to combat the development on our vines by removing excessive growth and concentration of leaves creating a pathway for air movement throughout the plant.

Early Fall?? Possibly!! In my inspection walks through the vineyard, I‘ve noticed that the Zweigelt, Lemberger and Pinot Gris varieties have begun to show colour in the grapes. The Zweiglet’s extreme deep blue colour with massive berry cluster size is quite a sight to see whereas the Pinot Gris’ brown skin development is a wonder as to how it produces a beautiful green/yellow wine.

It’s starting!!! Harvest may not be far behind!!

Nicolaas Opdam

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