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We Found Uses For Your Undrinkable Wine!

We Found Uses For Your Undrinkable Wine!

Laurita Winery , Recipes , wine advice 🕔October 11, 2017 0 comments

Brace yourselves, because this is difficult to accept…

Some wine is undrinkable.

We know, we know. But it’s true. Sometimes if you don’t finish a bottle of wine (again, say what?!?) it becomes undrinkable.

When wine is exposed to oxygen, the bacteria within will convert the wine’s sugars and alcohol to acetic acid—the acid that makes vinegar sour. This makes the wine kind of undrinkable, but it means you can use it in cooking just as you would use vinegar.

Thankfully, we have a few suggestions, via skillet.com, on ways to use that soured wine.

Salad Dressing

Using this formula of 60% oil, 30% acid (in this case our tangy wine), and 10% other flavors, whip up a little vinaigrette.

Just remember… since the dressing isn’t cooked, there will still be a small amount of alcohol in the wine. This one is an adults-only dressing!

Deglaze a Pan

Any good pan sauce starts with a good deglazing, and there’s no reason you can’t use slightly-less-than-sippable wine for this task.

Generally the rule is “don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink”, but for simple deglazing the tartness won’t really matter.

Meat Tenderizer

Wine is often used in marinades for its tenderizing properties and fruity flavor, and the extra acid in oxidized wine can help tenderize tougher cuts even faster.

Just like vinegar will break down protein fibers and tenderize meat, turned wine can turn tough cuts tasty. Allow to soak in wine – mixed with seasonings or other flavorings – for several hours up to overnight. Then just wipe the meat and cook as usual. Here’s a sample recipe:

1/4 cup of iffy wine with 1/2 cup olive oil, three cloves of minced garlic, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, two teaspoons of prepared horseradish, and one teaspoon of maple syrup

Can you think of any other uses for turned wine? Let us know in the comments!

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