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Tips for the Wine Beginner

Tips for the Wine Beginner

Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine gadgets 🕔April 30, 2017 0 comments

Sooo… You’ve fallen in love with wine.

We remember the feeling. Wonderful, isn’t it? And a little scary.

If you’re new to the world of wine, you can be overwhelmed by the so-called experts, intimidated by the (admittedly obnoxious) wine snobs among us, or even lost in the many choices of wine-related stuff on the market. We’ve got some tips to get your bearings courtesy of Wine Mag, with photos via the #lauritawinery hashtag on Instagram!

Making Sense of the Must Haves!

There are countless products available that wine drinkers must have(!), ranging from fancy openers to specialized stemware to drip-free decanting devices. But really, must you have any of these?

Of course not. In order to drink wine, all you truly must have is a way to move the cork. And something to pour into.  So let’s talk about what you actually need.

A corkscrew and stemware.

Look for glasses with medium-sized bowls, which are versatile enough for all wines, and thin rims, which always make wine taste better.

Store Like the Experts!

Heat and light are the enemies of wine. Of course, most people don’t own a wine cellar – and certainly no one starting their wine journey does! – but you understand the idea.

If space allows, put a rack in a room without direct sunlight.

If that’s still not an option, store your wine in the back of a lower cabinet or closet.

Choose Your Own House Wines!

Select versatile wines in red and white (then move on to rose and bubbly) to keep stocked up and ready for guests, or just for dinner!

House wines should not be expensive—you should feel as comfortable opening a bottle for Tuesday night takeout as for company on Saturday night.

Or pulling a bottle from a bucket on the lawn to go with some food truck takeaway.

Wine doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re just starting out, follow those few basics and one more…

Enjoy the journey.



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