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The Rise of the Machines

The Rise of the Machines

Wine Weirdness 🕔April 8, 2016 0 comments

We’ve seen enough sci-fi action movies to know that eventually machines are going to take over the world. (If the zombies don’t beat them to it.) You know you’ve seen them, too… robot overlords, originally designed to help, infiltrating every aspect of our lives before morphing into the role of masters.


Well, we didn’t expect it yet but the machines have begun to work their way into the world of wine.

We told you last week about a gadget designed to help keep your leftover wine (what?!) fresh longer. (See? We told you they are originally designed to help! That’s how they gain our trust!) But the gadget, while not necessarily something we would buy, was only that… a gadget. A simple, electronic bottle that seals up your wine while entertaining you with a new screen to stare at.

This time, we’re talking about a robot.




No, not that.

We’re just messing around. That’s a wine rack homage to some movies where cars turned in to robots. We just tripped across it on the internet one day. It is pretty cool, though. We mean… look at it!




We might have to pick up one of those.

But seriously, there is a robot.

WineSpectator reports an Italian winemaker has invented a robot, named Genesis (see? SEE?!), that is a fermentor for small-batch wines. It has sensors to monitor data from ph to sugar potential to flavinoids, and software to customize maceration, fermentation and oxygenation. It has two “separate but communicating” tanks, and a Plexiglass observation panel.

That’s pretty cool, too. We admit to being impressed.

But does it follow the rules of robotics? Will it serve us… or try to take over the world?




“The almost-human extraterrestrial has a superior mind, but especially a big heart,” a spokesperson for Lanati hopefully joked.


OK. Good enough for us!

Really… if it exists to create wine, one of the finer callings known even to humankind, how could it be bad?

We welcome our new robot overlords!

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