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The Path to Wine Wisdom… Step 2

The Path to Wine Wisdom… Step 2

Laurita Winery 🕔July 31, 2016 0 comments

After the tragic news that none of us are as wine savvy as we may have thought, we’re trying to help you find your way along the path to wine-godhood in four easy steps. (With a little help from HuffPo and Vine Pair.) We covered Step One – Look at It. Now let’s move to step two…



Now whether you’ve actually done this or not, you know what we’re talking about. You can lift your glass and gently flick your wrist to start the wine swirling. You could leave the base on the table and move it in small circles to swirl. Or some folks get downright ostentatious about it.

Finally, others like to be extremely showy with their swirling, making grandiose motions like they’re getting ready to lasso a steer (we’d suggest avoiding this final type of swirling — it can be seen as obnoxious to your fellow drinkers).

No matter which method you choose, show a little restraint. Wine, especially red, does tend to stain. And if you splash it all over the place, you won’t make it through the rest of the steps to wine-godhood!


Now that you’re swirling you wine, you may be asking yourself “Why on earth am I sloshing my beverage around in my glass like a kid trying to make a mess?!” There’s actually good reason.

Swirling your wine around the glass introduces oxygen. See, immediately after exposure to oxygen, wine begins to break down. Being swirled introduces a lot of oxygen quickly, which allows wine to “open up” and start releasing its true aromas.

In another study, a single subject (me) drank an Argentinian Malbec that smelled like a barnyard upon opening. After about 30 minutes of air, those odors blew off revealing a remarkable, delicious wine.

Also, since the more volatile scents of freshly opened wine can be less enjoyable, swirling will allow them to “blow off” and leave a softer sensation on the nose and palate.


So swirl. And enjoy your mastery of Step Two on the path to wine wisdom and wine-godhood…

And keep swirling for now. We’ll be back soon with step three

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