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The ARC of Ocean County: Our Back to School Food Trucks Beneficiary!

The ARC of Ocean County: Our Back to School Food Trucks Beneficiary!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔September 15, 2015 0 comments

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At Laurita Winery, we love hosting Food Trucks and Fire Pits! Not only is it enjoyed by those who devour the food and take home their favorite wine, this event is also anticipated by those who benefit in a different way. September 19 & 20, Laurita Food Trucks returns and this time we’re proud to say that this month’s charity is The ARC Ocean County Chapter! The Arc educates the community to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities strive!


Founded in 1955 by a group of parents whose children were misunderstood for their differences. Not much was known at the time, and this pushed parents to start a movement.  Not only does this division of Arc provide services for those with disabilities, but the group also encourages and supports them to be an active member of the community.

It’s not just about the individual, either, but also about their family. “Each family faces different challenges and every effort is made to meet those challenges, help the family maintain a good quality of life and keep the family together.”  To that extent, Family Support of The Arc informs families of recreational opportunities, provides access to health care, and assists with job training and transportation. Recreational opportunities include activities and outing that encourage socialization, fitness, and friendship including sporting events, dance parties, and picnics. For optimal success in job placement, a vocational evaluation is conducted to identify strengths and skills.


The Arc always appreciates volunteers who can dedicate their time to make a personal difference in the group.  Volunteer opportunities include Administrative Assistants, Fundraisers, Interns, Mentors, Special Events Community Outreach, and Volunteer Guest Speakers

For those who may have a busier schedule, financial donations are much appreciated as well.

To learn more about The Arc Ocean County Chapter, visit their representatives at Laurita’s Food Trucks and Fire Pits, September 19 & 20. Won’t make it to the event, support The Arc at their website,

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