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Get Some Much Needed Therapy… Chocolate Therapy!

Get Some Much Needed Therapy… Chocolate Therapy! 0

blog , Laurita Winery 🕔October 31, 2018

This holiday season, get yourself some much needed therapy, and get some for your friends and loved ones! That’s right, give the gift of therapy!   Laurita offers the perfect thing –  something that’s not only cheaper than traditional therapy,

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Chocolate Wine!

Chocolate Wine! 1

Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔October 25, 2017

Chocolate wine is a thing. We – and you – have known about and enjoyed it for years. So we were a little surprised to see Delish announce that “Chocolate Wine Is Here”. Aldi’s 2017 wine advent calendar has opened

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Should All Wine Be Wine Flavored?

Should All Wine Be Wine Flavored? 0

Laurita Winery , wine humor 🕔March 29, 2017

How traditional are you when it comes to wine? We’d never really thought about it until we read “Flavored wine should be stopped dead before it trends“, where Michael Austin makes some good points against flavored wine, and made us

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