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Super Simple Summer Slushie

Super Simple Summer Slushie

Laurita Winery , Recipes 🕔June 21, 2016 2 comments

Try saying that three times fast!

Now that it’s summer, we can expect the kids to be enjoying all kinds of frozen treats… from snow cones to freezer pops to slushies. But what if you’d like to enjoy an icy cold, refreshing frozen treat with an adult kick?

Try making some Frosé!!


The frosé was invented by acclaimed pastry chef Kelly Fields to offer customers in New Orleans a frosty treat in the tropical heat. The trick to making a tasty beverage instead of watered down wine? A little simple syrup! Munchies has the story.

“When it gets that cold, some of the floral notes of the rosé just disappear and it takes on a little tartness,” she says. “The sugar brings it back up, so it just drinks like really, really cold rosé. Which is what we need in the summertime.”

Now, being in a restaurant, Fields has access to an industrial slushie machine… and most of us don’t. But no worries. She’s not only shared her invention, she offers up a way to do-it-yourself!

Fields says a granita technique would work just fine: Add some simple syrup to wine, freeze it in a pan, and scrape with a fork every now and again as ice crystals form to produce a snowcone-like texture.


If you need instructions on basic granita making, check out this piece from Williams-Sonoma. But we’re crafty folks around here, and we have another inexpensive idea that would offer you as much frosé as you can handle, with less scraping… and no chance you’ll forget the wine until it’s frozen into a block!

Why not consider a home slushie machine?! You could make frosé part of all your summer get-togethers!


We found this model on Amazon for only $45.99! Seems like a bargain for an entire summer’s worth of frozen bliss!

With a machine like this one, and a supply of our already delicious Beachcomber Blush, you’ll be all set!

Just watch out for brain freeze!! That smarts!

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