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Laurita Winery Announces the Monthly Photo Competition

Please submit photographs inspired by your Laurita experience. We welcome images of friends and family, interiors and exteriors of the winery, views of the vineyards, wine bottles, food, events or seasons. The entry should be of superior quality. Monthly prizes and an annual award will also be presented.

Laurita Winery Introduces Your Online Photo Gallery

Please submit your fun and spontaneous photos for adding to our website gallery. Whenever you are experiencing an unforgettable moment at Laurita, capture it for the Laurita community.

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Laurita Winery Photo Competition Judges

Jeff Martin has been a professional photographer for 35 years in the central New Jersey area, but has traveled extensively in the US and parts of Europe on assignment for various corporations, including Seagrams. He has photographed some of the most well-known vineyards in France and possibly the world. Seagrams used the photographs for many of their public relations and corporate publications.

Jon Tomson creates custom mobiles and stabiles inspired by the works of Alexander Calder. His commissioned mobiles hang in residences and businesses ranging from California to Maine to Florida. Jon has been involved in the practice of architecture and engineering for a Princeton based international design firm. He now provides strategic marketing consultation to design and construction organizations.

Andy Todes is an award-winning photographer residing in Haddonfield, NJ with his wife, three sons and daughter. He was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and spent two years in Israel before moving to the United States in 1996.

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Photo Competition & Photo Gallery Entries Rules


[item icon=”✒”]All photo entries will be submitted via the website in the section titled Submit Your Photos.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Laurita reserves the right to use the photos submitted to the Laurita Winery Photo Competition and the Laurita Winery Photo Gallery to be used in print for brochures and posters, for marketing purposes and on the Laurita Winery website.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Each photographer is responsible for the submission of a model release when a photograph requires a release. Releases may be obtained at the winery bar or winery office. All releases must be hand signed and either submitted at the winery or mailed to the winery at the address on the release. Please include the Photo Registration Number(s) of the photos on the model release. You will receive the Photo Registration Number after successful upload of your image file. Laurita Winery is not responsible for securing a model release, or liable for the lack of securing a release, for any photos submitted for the Laurita Winery Photo Competition or the Laurita Winery Photo Gallery.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Photos submitted will not automatically be entered into the photo gallery as all photo submissions are subject to approval.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]The number of total submissions per person is limited to three (3) per month to the Photo Competition. The number of total submissions per person is limited to three (3) per month to the Photo Gallery.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Professional photographers (photographers who have been paid for their photography or who advertise as professional photographers) are not eligible to enter the photo competition, but are welcome to submit photos to the photo gallery.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]No family members or employees of Laurita Winery or Dancer Farm B&B are eligible to enter the photo competition, but are welcome to submit photos to the photo gallery.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]The final date for submission for photos to the photo competition each month will be the last day of every month.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Image files for upload may be jpg, bmp or tif format and no larger than 3MB. If your original image is larger than 3MB, please make a copy and re-size it so the file may be accepted.[/item]


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Benefits & Prizes


[item icon=”✒”]Selected photos will be displayed on screen in the Laurita Club Room throughout each month.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]Each month’s Photo Competition winner will have their photo featured on the home page of the Laurita website for the following month.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]The monthly Photo Competition winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Dancer Farm B&B and one bottle of the month’s Manager’s Special.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]The 12 best photos of the year will be added to the Laurita website as a special photo gallery for that year.[/item]

[item icon=”✒”]The winner of the Grand Prize for the Best Photo in the Photo Competition will receive a free weekend stay for two at the Dancer Farm B&B and a free Laurita Winery gift basket.[/item]


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