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Spring??? What Spring??!!

Spring??? What Spring??!!

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

June 6, 2011, We jumped to Summer in a matter of days! Spring typically brings May Flowers and gentle rainfall to entice plants and alike to begin a new season. What Happened?? Three consecutive weeks of sporadic rainfall followed by heat waves that would have made July appear cool?! Well, as vines go, it’s in their nature to respond accordingly and so they did!

chic_pea_stageDuring the Atlantic Brass Band’s brief intermission this past Memorial weekend Lorraine and I strolled through the Vineyard and noticed how much the vines had grown within the past few days. Just last Friday, new growth had reached the base trellis wires and today they reach well beyond the trellis system. With total amazement, we witnessed vines beginning to pop out and bloom! Key moment here folks! This time of year, we try not to disturb the vines as they are very sensitive – a crucial moment the grape development stage. The slightest breeze or movement will cause the Flowers to lose their pollinating ability. Once complete, the flower (Bloom) takes on the shape of the new cluster. Small berries begin to form and based on the success of the Bloom, will develop into the juice filled berries. The success of Bloom, can also be determined by the number of “Chics and Peas” in the cluster. “Chics” berries are indicative of success whereas “Peas” berries were not pollinated.

So next time you stroll through the vineyard, carefully look at but do not disturb the vine, and see how many “Chics and Peas” there are!


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