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Size Matters!

Size Matters!

blog , Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔December 14, 2017 0 comments

After much debate over whether size truly matters, it turns out the answer is YES!

A new study from the University of Cambridge, reported via the BBC and published in the BJM, finds that the Brits have experienced a “sharp rise in wine consumption”… but also a trend toward larger glasses. So, is there a connection?

“When it comes to how much we drink, wine glass size probably does matter,” says study author Prof Theresa Marteau.

Since the 1700’s, we’ve seen a huge growth in wine glasses, with modern glasses being up to seven times larger than those our ancestors used.

University of Cambridge researchers found glass size grew from an average 66ml in the 1700s to 449ml today – a near sevenfold increase – and wine drinking nearly doubled from 1980-2004.

Before you write this off because it examines British wine glasses and drinking habits, bear in mind… they’re blaming us.

The researchers think one reason for this could be that the demand for larger glasses by the US market was met by an increase in the size of glasses made in England.

Although the study was unable to prove causality between larger glasses and higher wine consumption, it does make sense.

Prof Marteau says that in the same way larger plates mean people eat more, evidence suggests a similar effect for wine glasses, although the researchers could not prove this.

“We speculate there are two main mechanisms: capacity – the larger a container, the more we pour into it, and perceptual – the same amount looks smaller in a larger container than a smaller one,” she says.

The results may be inconclusive… but they are interesting!

We can also imagine some informal studies… A few friends, a few bottles, and glasses in a few different sizes. While you make not make any earth-shattering discoveries, it does sound like a wonderful evening!

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