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Should Frosé Just Go Away?

Should Frosé Just Go Away?

Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔June 30, 2017 0 comments

So, about that frosé…

It began as a viral trend last year, and with summer weather finally here, the frosty beverage is back. For many, it’s the perfect frozen beverage. We’ve written about it here.

The frosé was invented by acclaimed pastry chef Kelly Fields to offer customers in New Orleans a frosty treat in the tropical heat. The trick to making a tasty beverage instead of watered down wine? A little simple syrup! Munchies has the story.

But not everyone is a fan.

Laura Burgess (via VinePair) sampled a variety of frosés, and breaks from the crowd with her reaction.

But I have to confess that after drinking four different frosés, I have come to the conclusion that this pink slushy should have been abandoned in the test kitchen where it hatched.

Burgess points out the obvious… freezing wine damages it. It actually changes the aroma and taste of the wine.

Freezing wine destroys the structure of the drink by separating the chemical compounds that make wine’s flavors and aromatics so complex and delicious.

When rosé is frozen you lose many of the floral notes and fruit flavors. Beverage makers typically make up for this with ingredients like simple syrup, lemon juice, fruit, and even vodka. But really, one might argue that you could use many of the same ingredients to make a frozen cocktail without destroying perfectly good wine.

Taste is subjective, but the science behind freezing alcohol is not. Wine simply isn’t designed to be frozen, and its flavors are marred by the process.

We don’t take a hard stance one way or the other. Just like we say about whether to put ice in your glass of wine… do what makes you happy! Wine is meant to be enjoyed!


But now we’re curious! What do you think of frosé? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments


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