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Should All Wine Be Wine Flavored?

Should All Wine Be Wine Flavored?

Laurita Winery , wine humor 🕔March 29, 2017 0 comments

How traditional are you when it comes to wine?

We’d never really thought about it until we read “Flavored wine should be stopped dead before it trends“, where Michael Austin makes some good points against flavored wine, and made us laugh in the process.

Austin points out the simplicity of the original recipe for wine – grapes, yeast, and wooden barrels.

From that magical mixture come a staggering array of aromas and flavors — more than enough for most people to enjoy, without the addition of other ingredients that turn it into something that veers away from wine as we know it.

And that’s true. But it’s also true that since the beginning of wine, people have been creating flavored wines. The ancient (and modern!) Greeks added pine resin to wine. Every society that makes wine has experimented with spices and herbs at various steps through the winemaking process.

Everybody, come on. There is no reason for any of this. Why can’t we be content with cake-flavored cake?

The market is now flooded with everything-flavored-everything-else. Icing flavored vodka, sausage and biscuit flavored potato chips, bacon flavored mayonnaise…  do we really need or want something-flavored wine? Especially when wine already carries the notes of its terroir, the aromas of its environment, and more?

But that is part of the magic and beauty of wine — that those aromas and flavors show up in the first place, that they occur at all. They allow us to experience, in some way, the place where the wine is from. Where it was grown and made.

We agree! Wine is something entirely other, completely unique, and should be savored for what it is.

And yet.

We think wine should be fun! And accessible! And social! And savored not just for what it is, but what it can be!

So, back to the original question. When it comes to wine, how traditional are you? We’re non-traditionally traditional. (And yes, we just made that up.) We believe that wine is special, and should be savored for its transcendent qualities.

And we’re also all about some Chocolate Therapy in a bubble bath, or sangria in a mason jar with a group of friends around the fire!

Why flavored wine? Because we can!

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