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Porrón – A Drinking Game for Grown Ups

Porrón – A Drinking Game for Grown Ups

News , Wine Weirdness 🕔July 18, 2016 0 comments

Who says drinking games are for college kids?!


OK… so most drinking games are for the younger crowd. And most of them involve disposable cups and spilled beer. But most folks also have at least a few warm (if slightly fuzzy) memories of such from back in the day!

Well, here’s a little something for your more… uh… mature self. From VinePair:


It looks like a cross between a decanter, a magic lamp, and a classy beer bong, but in actuality, the Spanish porrón is your new favorite way to drink wine.

The porrón is a traditional glass pitcher from Spain that conveniently holds exactly one bottle of wine. When poured, the wine creates a thin stream which can be drunk without your lips ever touching the pitcher – thus, since it can be a challenge to do without a wine shower, it makes a great game.


VegasSeven reports that Chef Cody Jeffs has introduced the tradition in his restaurants, and in the photo above he helpfully demonstrates technique. Once you have that down, you can move on to raising your skill level!

1. BEGINNER: “Somebody who is starting [with the porrón] very close [to their mouth]. They’re not pouring a very large stream out of the mouth of the porrón. They may be spilling a little bit.”

2. INTERMEDIATE: “They may be extending their arm a little bit. The stream is flowing from a farther distance, and they’re able to take a couple of gulps before they’re done.”

3. EXPERT: “An expert is able to fully extend his arm all the way out. He’s drinking a lot of the liquid—many, many gulps. Clearly he knows what he’s doing.”

Of course, you can just pour your wine from porrón to glass. It makes an interesting and unusual serving piece.


We found this one at WineEnthusiast, and you have to admit it’s a conversation piece… with or without the game!

So, what do you think? Ready to round up your friends and a few bottles of wine to try your skill? Or are you more likely to pour into a glass and just enjoy the story behind the pitcher! Let us know in the comments!

(And let us know if you already have any talent at this, and whether you can share any tips. We want to try, but we’re a little worried about getting red wine stains all over everything!)

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