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Pairing Wine With Takeout!

Pairing Wine With Takeout!

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔June 30, 2018 0 comments

We love pairing wine with foods! Not just because we enjoy wine as much as we do, but because it’s a never-ending game of “what works with what?” that always offers new possibilities! We’ve shared tips on pairing wine with everything from candy to bugs to barbecue, and today (with a little input from the New York Post) we’ve got what might be the most important wine pairing advice ever.

You don’t want to cook, so you’re grabbing some takeout. And we’re going to tell you what kind of wine to buy on your way home!

Fried Chicken

No matter which chicken franchise you prefer, your go-to pairing is champagne!

Yes, you read correctly. Salt and acidity are best friends so this is a match made in heaven. That’s my way of saying make sure you also get some fries on the side for the full experience.

Pepperoni Pizza

While a dry white or rose works with many pizza toppings, pepperoni brings a personality all it’s own. Try a Syrah, or our own Laurita Lemberger!

Matching the intensity of the pepperoni with a bolder, spicy wine (think black pepper) featuring deep, black fruits.


Treat your burger the same way you would a steak and salad, and pair it with a cab!

Wines with high tannin act as a great palate cleanser, perfect for the fat content of the beef, melted cheese and everything else that makes a burger so delicious.

Pad Thai

One of the most popular takeout options, the unique flavor profile of pad thai works great with Riesling.

Again, an “off-dry” expression would work perfectly with those sweet and sour noodles, having slightly lower alcohol and beautiful acid.

Ramen Noodles

Whether takeout or DIY, ramen noodles are a staple not only in Japanese cuisine, but in less-than-loaded millennial life. Now you can finally pair your discount dinner with the perfect wine!

For a simpler, lighter ramen like Shio, go with a simple, light white wine like Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio. If you’re in the red wine camp, try a young, fruit-driven Pinot Noir with your Shoyu ramen.


Did we miss your favorite takeout food? Drop us a comment, and we’ll find your perfect pairing!

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