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Pairing Wine With TACOS!

Pairing Wine With TACOS!

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔June 19, 2018 0 comments

Pairing wine with food is an important part of enjoying wine… and it’s something we talk about a lot around here! We’ve shared tips for pairing with everything from pizza to Halloween candy to bugs (yes, bugs!), and most recently we told you how to pair wines with bacon.

Now we’re going to enlighten you, with a little help from Vine Pair, on pairing wine with tacos!

Mmmmmmmm… tacos. Everyone loves tacos. But with wine? When most folks think tacos they think cerveza! But the short answer is yes, tacos work with wine!

Lighter styles with personality, like rosés, sparkling whites, and chilled reds, complement the unique fillings of the tacos and add a bracing dose of acidity.

To choose your wine, just look to your taco fillings.

Red Meat Tacos

Whether you’re having an everyday ground beef taco, upgrading to steak, or enjoying pork carnitas (for our purposes today, we’re ignoring the whole “other white meat” thing), grab a juicy red.

Like having a spoonful of cranberry sauce with your Thanksgiving turkey, the tart, sweet flavor cuts through the richness of the meat and cleanses the palate.

Look for dark, fruity reds with a mineral finish, like our Merlot or Cabernet Franc.

Seafood Tacos

White wines with a citrusy undertone and high acidity highlight and complement the natural saltiness of seafood.

Bracing white wines are a great choice for everything from fried mahi mahi to spicy grilled shrimp.

For a refreshingly acidic wine that comes alive in the mouth, try our Down the Shore Windswept White.

Chicken Tacos

Lighter reds pair well with chicken. Look for something with good acidity but not a lot of oak.

“If you’re having a little bit of heat, you don’t want to drink anything that’s too aggressive… Tannins can aggravate the spice a little bit.”

Our Down the Shore Relaxing Red offers slap of acidity that fits the bill.

Veggie Tacos

Vegetables go best with a little (or a lotta) rosé.

Whether your veggie option is simple sautéed onions and bell peppers, or a high-end roasted squash with corn, the same rules apply. Use a dry rosé to highlight the ingredients’ subtle sweetness.

Try Down the Shore Beachcomber Blush!

Incidentally, Beachcomber Blush also pairs really well with poultry and seafood, with it’s hint of depth, light tannins, and a refreshing acidity. So it’s perfect with fish or chicken tacos, too!


Now, somebody pass us the corkscrew. And the hot sauce.

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