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Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy!

Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy!

Laurita Winery , Wine Science , Wine Weirdness 🕔October 25, 2016 0 comments

When it comes to wine, people (including us!) are always talking about pairings. We’ve talked about pairing wine with pizza and with cookouts, with desserts and with Girl Scout Cookies. We’ve even talked about which wine pairs best with your child’s homework!


Now that fall is here, there are so many traditional autumn dishes that pair nicely with wine. Pumpkin pies and apple crisps, thanksgiving dinners and tailgate munchies, even hot chocolate is better with wine (you’re welcome!). But really, when it comes to this time of year, it’s important not to lose track of the most wonderful and delicious thing there is to eat in all the world…



Let’s face it, some of us only had kids in the first place because we got too old to go trick-or-treating without attracting attention from the authorities. Nobody goes out and just buys Milk Duds or Sugar Babies or those delicious little peanut butter taffies. No! Those are the things you only get to eat after dumping your Halloween haul out of your plastic pumpkin and sorting through it!

And now we only get to enjoy those yearly treats after the kids have wiped off their makeup, hung up their costumes, and gone to bed… leaving us free to raid their stash!!

Thankfully, Vivino (the wine app folks) seem to relate, and they know exactly what we’ll all be doing late at night on October 31. They’ve written ‘The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy‘! (And was that the trumpets of angels we just heard? Hallelujah!)


And so, wonder no more! Unless you plan to eat the aforementioned Milk Duds or Sugar Babies, in which case we recommend a sparkling white to cut the caramel!

Of course, you can always skip the candy altogether and indulge in a bottle of Laurita’s own Chocolate Therapy wine… Oh, who are we kidding? You’re still gonna eat the kids’ candy. (And so are we!) But try the ‘Chocolate Therapy’ anyway. It will help tide you through all those cold, dark months until the Easter baskets are ready to raid!

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