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Pairing Wine With Bacon!

Pairing Wine With Bacon!

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔March 31, 2018 0 comments

Ohhhh, boy! Just in time for Laurita BaconFest 2018!!

We’ve shared pairing tips before, but this time we’ve got the most important wine pairing advice you’re ever going to read…

Pairing wine with BACON!

Wine Enthusiast agrees with us. (Of course they do. We’re right!)

It’s cliché to say everything’s better with bacon, but it’s true. Bacon lands a direct hit on the brain’s comfort center. The mania of a few years ago has reached a more reasonable stride… Now’s a good time to rediscover its versatility and, yes, sophistication.

Sommelier Fahara Zamorano recommends looking at the overall dish, rather than the bacon itself.

“When bacon is in salads or pastas, white wine is the way to go”…

For more bacon-forward situations, “you want the wine to cut smoke and richness, but also to complement the food, not just cleanse your palate between bites,” she says. Her preferences are dark rosés and light reds.

The Traveling Corkscrew offers similar advice.

Bacon despite being technically a white meat has an immense hearty flavour that could be confused with the rich flavours in red meat. For me this says it can work well with both red and white. How totally convenient is that *evil grin*

So since bacon itself can work with red, white, or even rose, look at the other ingredients in your dish. Are you having a bacon cheeseburger? Go red! Creamy sauce? Try Chardonnay! And if you’re trying to cure your next-morning-wine-flu with bacon grease? Add a little bubbly! It’s great for cutting through the fat, and will help your head return to normal size!

Now you’re set.

When you get to BaconFest, choose your meal from the gourmet food truck lineup, and then grab your perfect pairing at the wine bar! Or better yet, grab a few different bottles, and then you’ll have the right match if you grab goodies from multiple trucks!

Have fun with it! And don’t worry… you can’t go wrong with bacon and wine!

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