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Pairing Wine… This Time, with BUGS!

Pairing Wine… This Time, with BUGS!

Laurita Journal , Wine Weirdness 🕔October 29, 2016 1 comment

Our third-in-a-row post about wine pairing comes just in time for Halloween…

Forget gourmet foods, cookout fare, or even sweet treats stolen from the kids. This time, we’re talking about a pairing that’s beyond the scope of even our experience.

Pairing wine with bugs.


No, that’s not a euphemism. We’re talking about actual bugs, defined by Merriam-Webster thusly:

1.  a:  an insect or other creeping or crawling invertebrate (as a spider or centipede)

     b:  any of several insects (as the bedbug or cockroach) commonly considered obnoxious

     c:  any of an order (Hemiptera and especially its suborder Heteroptera) of insects that have sucking mouthparts, forewings thickened at the base, and incomplete metamorphosis and are often economic pests —called also true bug

Hungry yet?


TreeHugger reports that the V Wine Room in West Hollywood recently teamed up with Aly Moore (of the Bugible blog) to offer up LA’s first ever wine and bug pairing. Now, Bugible is devoted entirely to entomophagy, which is the scientific term for… well… eating bugs.

If you’re thinking “ewwww” as images of bugs on your plate fill your mind, HOLD UP. I’m not asking you to pull a Timon-and-Pumbaa and gobble down plates of insects. Many of us would not touch a severed cow’s head on a plate, but we would eat a more friendly burger patty.

OK, so maybe our initial gut reaction was a little strong. Insects as an invisible ingredient is a whole ‘nother thing. Right?


Except that does look a little Timon-and-Pumbaa to us. (And in fairness, all photos here are taken from the Bugible Instagram page. We’re not out hunting up creepy images to make a point.) Right or wrong, the first thing through our heads was a line from a Stephen King novel.

“You have your choice: filet of creepy-crawler or filet of creepy-crawler. Which strikes your fancy, mawster?”

We’re honestly not mocking or making a value judgement here. We may not get it, but we certainly support the eating of bugs if that does it for ya. (Hey, more bacon-cheeseburgers left for the rest of us, right?) But we will say that, after this, we believe we’re done with pairing posts for the moment. Call it third-time’s-the-charm or three-strikes-and-you’re-out. Either way, we’re about to have a glass of wine (paired with absolutely nothing whatsoever) and try to think about something else for a while.

But we have to ask…

What do you think? Are we missing a new trend here? Would y’all like us to see if we can’t locate a Bug Truck for the next food trucks festival? Let us know in the comments!


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