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Pairing Wine and Pizza!

Pairing Wine and Pizza!

Laurita Winery 🕔September 20, 2016 0 comments

Whether on fine china by candlelight, or while in your jammies on the couch with a movie, pizza is the almost universal comfort food. Pair that pizza with wine and you have something nearly transcendent.


There are single ingredients that are loftier, more intensely flavored and perhaps even more exciting than pizza, but come on, few culinary amalgamations have ever been more complete and satisfying than a nice warm pizza.

We agree with the Chicago Tribune on that one. And the most beautiful and magical thing about pizza is it never has to be the same meal twice. White sauce, red sauce, pesto, margherita. Meats, cheeses, veggies, and even fruit. Pizza possibilities are endless. So, how do you choose a wine?

…there are two simple rules when it comes to picking a pizza wine: “Pizza wines,” by definition, should be full of flavor and cost less than the actual pizza, so generally less than $20.

A good start, thanks to WineOfTheWeek. It is pizza after all, so save your splurges for other meals.


But what kind of wine should you uncork with your pie? Well, like any other meal, start by looking at your ingredients. The wine-pairing app Hipcask (Oh, yay for technology! Wine apps!) puts it perfectly.

Pizza is essentially bread and melted cheese, two things which pair very well with wines.

But pizza is also toppings… and this is where you determine your pairing. See, there are wines which might pair perfectly with a goat cheese and spinach pizza, but not as well with a traditional red pizza with sausage and mushrooms. Likewise a white pizza with veggies is going to want a different wine than a ham and pineapple Hawaiian pizza.

Luckily, there are resources like the app we mentioned, and this handy chart. (Thanks again, Hipcask.)


We found another cool app over at VinePair. You select your topping, tell it whether you’d prefer white or red wine, and voilà! It offers suggestions for a variety of pizza styles, including ziti pizza. We didn’t even know ziti pizza was a thing! (We googled it. It’s a thing.)

So no matter what you like to eat on your pizza, there’s an app that will help you pair a wine. Or better yet… stop and talk to your friendly neighborhood wine expert. Just tell us what your toppings are, and we’ll help you find a wine that’s a perfect pairing!

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