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Oenologist/Vineyard Manager

Oenologist/Vineyard Manager

Nick entered the wine industry thirty-eight years ago as a chemist with Canada’s leading winery where he quickly rose to the position of assistant winemaker. Being trained initially in the production of sherries, ports and sparkling wines, Nick was able to develop a desire and experience with the noble varieties such as cabernet and chardonnay as the industry switched to premium table wines.

As a member of the Canadian Society of Oenologist & Viticulture, and as past president of the Canadian Society of Oenologists & Viticulture, Nick’s reputation for quality drew the attention of wineries in the United States, one of which persuaded him, his wife Lorraine and two daughters, Laura and Erika, to relocate to New Jersey. In his ten years of oversight as Director of Oenology, responsible for Wine Production, Research and Development, Quality Control and Assurances, the small winery with a 30,000 case production grew to a case production in excess of 350,000 cases per year. Some of the wine brands he created are still being produced today!

Nick is currently a member of the American Vintners Association and the American Society of Enologists & Viticulture, as well as the New Jersey Garden State Wine Growers Association, of which he is a past president. He has won numerous national and international winemaking awards. In addition, Nick is recognized as a “Master Winemaker” by the international winemaking community.

Nick’s philosophy on winemaking and grape growing is simply “a hands-on approach”. Be there when the “buds break open, notice the flowers bloom, smell the vineyard as the grapes ripen, then concentrate on turning what Nature has provided into wine that everyone will enjoy”.


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