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Norton: Wine of the Month, February 2018!

Norton: Wine of the Month, February 2018!

Laurita Journal , wine news , wine pairing 🕔February 13, 2018 0 comments

The long list of flavors that are variously associated with this dark, luscious red wine include plum, chocolate, cherry, elderberry, cedar, smoke, tobacco and raspberry. It is the darkest red wine in production today and if the list of flavors and aromas is not enticing enough, wine drinkers who are conscious of red wine’s health benefits should know that Norton has twice as much of the anti-oxidant reservatrol as other wines! It is the only fine wine grape that is native to America.

It pairs especially well with roast beef, venison and roast lamb.

Norton’s history goes back to the era of Thomas Jefferson when a Dr. Daniel Norton was experimenting with crossbreeding in Richmond, Virginia and discovered that the Norton vine was well suited for growth in Virginia soil. An American wine grape had been discovered. What Dr. Norton discovered was a native grape that had the ability to create wines similar in flavor and aroma to its European cousins.

This month, February 2018, Laurita will kickoff Laurita’s Wine of the Month specials by offering bottles of this delicious wine from our cellars for 10% off! Supplies are limited.

Click here to order Norton online! 

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