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Never Drink Wine Alone Again!

Never Drink Wine Alone Again!

Laurita Winery , wine humor , Wine Weirdness 🕔November 30, 2016 0 comments

We love our pets, don’t we?

Of course we do! Nowadays, we get our pets involved in every aspect of our lives, from our fitness routine to our social circles! Well, now you can bring your pet into your love of wine as well! (Which also means, as long as you have a pet, you never have to drink alone again! We guess if you don’t have  a pet, you’d better go get one.)


That’s right. There are now wines for pets!

We first read about it at DansPapers, and were immediately interested!

While alcohol is dangerous for pets, these wines are perfectly safe for Fluffy or Fido. The ASPCA has even checked them out. They’re all made with organic and natural ingredients, including red and yellow beets and various herbs that can soothe a pet’s stomach or help him or her relax—and that’s what wine does best!

He’s talking about Apollo Peak pet wines, a Colorado company that labels themselves as animal lovers. We believe them. The company is, after all, named after its Chief Feline Officer. Meet Apollo, CFO.


Our “pet wine” creation started like any other radical idea…a product designed to help bridge the social divide between humans and their pets.

Their wines are produced with organic herbs (including catnip, natch) and fresh beets, with no alcohol involved. The wines, which come in individual servings as well as the big bottle (party size!) have some of the cutest names a pet-loving wine connoisseur could have come up with!


You could offer MosCATo, CATbernet, ZinfanTAIL, or Pinot MEOW for your furry friends! There’s also CharDOGnay, MalBARK and White KITTENtel! (We warned you it might be a cuteness overload.) But more important than the awwww factor…

We currently strive to make a product that not only satisfies your pet’s interest, but is safe and non-harmful to your special friends.

So, happy news for some of us! No matter what else is going on, you never have to drink alone again! Heck, you may find out you prefer it to drinking with other people! And you never know. You may find you’ve been sharing your life with a complete PARTY ANIMAL all along!


All (adorable) images courtesy of Apollo Peak’s website and Instagram.

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