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Mulled Wine: The Drink of the Future!

Mulled Wine: The Drink of the Future!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔January 13, 2015 0 comments

Of course we could go for wine any day, and we’re fine with just pouring it from the bottle into a glass! Some days, though, we like to spice it up! Cold days get our taste buds craving a cup (or two or three) of mulled wine!  But where did this heart-warming drink come from?

This approach to wine dates back tomulled_wine a time when water was scarce and often dangerous to drink.  Beer and wine were the safe alternatives to staying hydrated. Try using hydration as an excuse today, and you might get some funny looks when you order a bottle of wine.  Not at Laurita Winery, though! Also, some time ago, spices were used to cover up the taste of wine gone bad. Now, we use spices to enhance already drinkable wine. Spiced wine was also used as a medicinal drink in early times. We’ll take a prescription of wine! So when can you use this information? Over a cup of mulled wine, of course.  That means it’s time to get cooking!

There are plenty of variations on this cold weather drink, but there are two some staples.  Red wine is the go-to bottle, but you can use white as well.  You don’t even have to reach for the top shelf since the spices will be doing the flavoring.  We suggest our own Relaxing Red for just $15.  The next basic is spicSONY DSCe.  Cloves and cinnamon are the most common, and adding slices of fruit give it a citrus flavor. Nutmeg and honey are sometimes added as well. You can add the spices in a cheese cloth or strain the wine before serving.  The best part about this recipe is that you don’t have be a wine expert to perfect it.  Simply warm and taste test to your approval.

Try any and all of the variations.  White wine with orange slices and cinnamon sticks is one option.  Red wine with apples and honey is another.  Want to go outside the box? Try pomegranate in your next batch!  Share your concoctions with loved ones while you educate them on the history of mulled wines.  Cheers!

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