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Movie Night Under the Stars!!

Movie Night Under the Stars!!

News 🕔April 17, 2014 0 comments

Looking for that perfect graduation, anniversary or birthday gift? Look no further!

It’s summertime and that means…..Movie Night Under the Stars!! Enjoy a classic movie with vineyard backdrop coupled with an award-winning glass of wine. After a long day of summer, sometimes the moviepassbest way to unwind is by indulging in a good movie. Laurita Winery is now offering a Summer Movie Pass dubbed “Sippin’ with the Stars”. Purchase a pass for $20 and be entertained by five of Hollywood’s best movies. This Oscar winning value includes favorites Casablanca, Good Willing Hunting, Big Night, Corked and Sideways. Enjoy a glass of wine while watching an eclectic mix of movies this summer. Launching on Saturday, July 7, Movie Night Under the Stars kicks off with the black and white movie Casablanca, celebrating nearly 70 years on the silver screen. It’s a date-night fact – there is no better movie and wine venue in the entire Garden State than the estate vineyard, open-air Laurita Winery. It truly is the perfect way to spend a summer night!

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