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More Wine Resolutions for 2019 and Beyond!

More Wine Resolutions for 2019 and Beyond!

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔December 21, 2018 0 comments

It’s almost New Year’s… and that means it’s almost time to make a lot of promises to yourself and the rest of the world that you’re never going to keep! Yes, we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions!

We shared a few ideas on real winners for your 2019 resolutions… the secret is to make it ALL ABOUT WINE!! Now here’s the second half of our list, via Bon Appetit, with wine resolutions you’ll be happy to keep through 2019 and beyond!

Choose quality over quantity!

This may sound like a no-brainer. Of course a good bottle of wine from your favorite winery (ahem) is going to taste better than the gallon jug you find on a shelf at your local convenience store! But the times – and the climate – they are a changin’, and the cost to produce (and therefor drink) wine is going up.

Remember your dollars do count, and if you love a wine, use those dollars to support it. You may not be able to buy as many bottles as you did before, but you’ll be investing in that producer’s future and in more wines you love.

Go for the whole enchilada!

Yeah, we’re talking about wine and not food. We could have said “the whole shebang”, “the whole kit and caboodle”, or a bunch of other weird Americanisms for “all of it”… but we like enchiladas. And anyway, what we’re really talking about is wine. As in “the whole bottle”.

Ensure that the wine you’re ordering is at its freshest and most delicious by opting to for the bottle, instead of individual glasses.

Drink MORE!

This time we’re talking about water, as opposed to wine. Aim for one glass of water per glass of wine.

Drinking water is the second most important part of drinking wine. (Drinking wine is the first, obviously.)

And finally…


The final bit of advice from Bon Appetit is the most important thing about drinking wine, and a point we tend to repeat here.

Enjoy it.

Simple as that. Wine should be fun, a pleasure, a wonderful addition to your life. Don’t let it be one more thing to stress about. Just drink it and enjoy.


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