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More Wine Myths… Busted!

More Wine Myths… Busted!

Laurita Winery , wine advice , wine pairing 🕔October 12, 2017 0 comments

We told you how wine expert Daniel Johnnes and his team are challenging common wine myths, via the NY Times. Through a five-course meal with carefully selected wines, they successfully debunked five commonly accepted wine myths.

At Daniel, the sommeliers, with an audience of about 40, took on five beliefs that may have originated either in custom or with an atom of truth, and over time grew into orthodoxy.


After having a look at the first three myths busted here, we bring you the last two wine myths – and they both have to do with pairing.

Sweet with Savory

Conventional wine wisdom has it that savory food requires a dry white wine, but this is another “rule” with exceptions.

Sweet white wines ranging from barely sweet to luscious can be glorious with food. The key is balance: The residual sugar in the wine, often caused by incomplete fermentation, must be countered by lively acidity.

You want a wine that’s almost perfectly balanced between sweet and dry. Try Reislings or VouVrays in an off-dry.

These wines are indisputably sweet, but the acidity cleans away any cloying sensation, leaving a dry, refreshing feeling after swallowing.

And like everything else about wine pairing, the way to discover the absolute best matches is to experiment and find out which you like best… because those are the perfect pairings!

Wine with Cheese

The final wine myth busted concerns one of the most traditional, and loved, wine pairings of them all, and one with many accepted rules. Wine with cheese.

The final fusty belief is that cheese goes best with red wine. Does anyone still follow this? It seems to me that many people now understand that white wine usually is a better match.

Again, the best way to determine which cheeses go best with which wines is to taste different wine and cheese combinations.


You see now that many of the old myths behind the rules are busted… so break the rules and make new ones!

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