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More Tips For Your Best #winegram Shots!

More Tips For Your Best #winegram Shots!

Laurita Winery , wine advice 🕔August 22, 2018 0 comments

Everyone is on Instagram, including us, and everyone knows the most important thing you can do is post good photos. We recently shared tips for your best #winegram shots, and now we’ve got more! Via VinePair:

Whether your goal is to inspire bottle envy among friends (we’re not judging!), or to you see yourself as a budding influencer, here are some top tips for instantly improving your Instagram wine shots.

Set the Scene

You can’t just photograph a glass over and over and over. Well, you can… but people will eventually stop following you. Mix it up a little!

While bottles and glasses should be the main focus in any wine photo, keep your Instagram feed interesting by setting up different scenarios and using props and accessories.

Flowers, food, personal items… anything that helps create a moment. Just remember to change it up. And do the same with the background. Vary where you take your shots, or experiment with different changeable backgrounds.

Special Equipment

If you want to take the best ig pics evah, exactly what kind of special (which means *expensive*) equipment will you need to shell out for?


“The new generation of smartphones are sometimes even better [than DSLR], and very simple to use,” Simons tells VinePair.

So the only equipment you need is already in your pocket or purse!

Magic Tricks

OK, they’re not magic… but some folks act like it. There are a variety of ways to alter or fine tune your pics, and some are better than others.

For her wine-focused Instagram account, Enozioni, Galimberti takes photos using her iPhone and hails the importance of post-production editing. “Good editing is just as important as taking a good photograph,” Galimberti says.

You’ll want to be careful not to over-edit. The result is too obviously artificial. And while we’re on the subject of unrealistic imagery…

Ahem. Experts recommend against the use of filters, because it “changes reality too much”.

We know. Filters are love-em-or-hate-em, and if you love em you’re not about to give em up. We’re just repeating it.


Want more? Here are are other tips for your best #winegram shots! Now follow us on the gram, and TAG us when you post! @lauritawinery and #lauritawinery

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