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Mardi Gras Weekend at Laurita Winery!!

Mardi Gras Weekend at Laurita Winery!!

News 🕔February 6, 2015 0 comments

This year, Mardi Gras falls on February 17th but we’re celebrating a little early!

We all know that Mardi Gras is associated with crazy beads, awesome masks, and tasty southern cuisine…but did you ever wonder why? We did! Here’s a little background!lauritamardigras2

It’s believed to have started way back in 1669 when French explorers landed in what is now Louisiana, only a few miles south of Mardi Gras hotspot New Orleans. They had a small party and named the location Point du Mardi Gras. Over the next few decades, the city of New Orleans celebrated the holiday with parties in the street, masked balls, and fancy dinners.  Unfortunately, when the Spanish took control, all of the festivities were banished! Luckily, Louisiana became a U.S. state in 1812 and all of the parties continued as they were. Thank goodness!

In 1837, the first recorded Mardi Gras parade took place and the rest is history! Well, sort of. 1857 rolled around and few New Orleans businessmen took the parade a step further with a torch-lit Mardi Gras procession with floats and marching bands. This clearly set the standard for future celebrations! It’s a tradition to this day. (via

Mardi Gras is also another nalauritamardigrasme for Fat Tuesday, which indicates mass consumption of delicious fatty foods! This day precedes the start of Lent, which entails much lighter fare. We say bring on the andouille sausage! Are we right?

While Mardi Gras is only an official holiday in the state of Louisiana, there’s no reason we can’t put on our party pants at Laurita Winery!  This Saturday and Sunday, join us for a delicious Mardi Gras celebration!


Make it a weekend and book a night or two at the Inn at Laurita Winery! Call Janis for more information: 609-752-0303



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