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Make Your Wine Taste Better Instantly!

Make Your Wine Taste Better Instantly!

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , Wine Science 🕔March 19, 2018 0 comments

It happens.

Every once in awhile, no matter how carefully you choose, you’ll stumble across a wine that’s… well… less than inspiring.

We’ve shared tricks and hacks before to help you improve bad wine. And now, via Fox News, a tip that will not only make bad wine more bearable, it can make only-decent wine good, and good wine great!

Air helps it “open up” in wine parlance—and that’s just like it sounds. Wine that has breathed a little is more expressive, buoyant and fully itself. Compare that to “closed wine,” which might be rough around the edges, boring, brooding or even kinda stinky.

You know about decanting. It can be as simple as pouring from the bottle into another container and waiting around.

But what if you don’t know how long to wait? Or you just don’t want to?

Shake it up, baby.

Pour off enough to reach the bottle’s shoulder, which is where it broadens out from the neck. This creates a greater surface area of wine that’s exposed to the air. And since air is a great way to open up a wine, when you re-cork the bottle and shake it up, you’re quickly exposing all of the wine to that good air as you shake, not just the surface, which is why traditional breathing (read: waiting around) takes so long.

While this might not be the best way to handle a fine vintage, most of the wine consumed in America is less than five years old.

And while old wines develop sediment as they age over time, young ones are basically like grape juice—there’s no unpleasant sediment to worry about in the bottle, and they need no special care. In fact, because they are so young, a good shake helps open them up quickly, making them tastier to drink.

We think we’re going to try it! We can taste test against the first glass we pour off! You should, too!

And then come back and tell us in the comments what you think!


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