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Make Your Own Pumpkin-Spiced Wine? Sure, why not!

Make Your Own Pumpkin-Spiced Wine? Sure, why not!

Laurita Winery , News 🕔October 24, 2015 0 comments


The halcyon days of consuming pinot grigio on hot and hazy summer days have come to a close. Fall is here and that can only mean a few things: football, cooler days, shorter nights, and pumpkin-flavors abound. Fear not the ever-present pumpkin in all of your favorite foods and beverages, and learn to embrace the pumpkin-flavored revolution!

These days, you can’t walk into a Starbucks in October without being bombarded by an overwhelming amount of pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks. As much as we love the calm and wistful pleasures of summer, the brisk air and shorter days of fall offer more contemplative  pleasures. It’s no secret that we love wine and willing to explore all the vast flavors that it offers. Oak aging and long maturation create a slew of spicy flavors, which can be very appealing to pumpkin-loving palates.

We love bringing you the most unique and finest wines. But just in case the hobbyist and love for pumpkin flavors in you is so severe that you want to create pumpkin flavored wines of your very own, here’s a very unique recipe on how to do it. Recipe courtesy of

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin-Flavored Wine

This is a 5 gallon recipe. If you want to make less, just cut all the ingredient proportionately, except for the wine yeast. You always want to use a whole packet — more if you’re making more than 5 gallons.

Pumpkin Wine Recipe

(5 Gallons)

To start this wine recipe off you will want to prepare 16 lbs of pumpkin flesh. Scraping it away from the pumpkin’s outer shell should be enough to break it up sufficiently, but if you do have any hunks, you will want to chop them up. The raisins should be coarsely chopped, as well.

Add all the ingredients to 5 gallons of water EXCEPT for the wine yeast. Only add 5 crushed Campden tablets at this point. The other 5 will be added later, when you are bottling the wine. This should be done in an open fermenter. Leave the fermenter open. Only cover with a thin towel, nothing more, for 24 hours. This is to give time for the Campden tablets to sterilize the wine must, then dissipate into the air. After 24 hours, sprinkle on the packet of wine yeast, and you are on your way to making some great tasting pumpkin.

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