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Just How Smart Is That Smart Wine Bottle?

Just How Smart Is That Smart Wine Bottle?

Laurita Winery , News 🕔March 31, 2016 0 comments

The other day, we heard about a new gadget that will keep your opened wine fresh for up to thirty days…

Huzzah! we thought. Finally, technology is solving the important problems! We can now open a bottle of our favorite vintage, and not have to worry about good wine going to waste!

The Kuvee Smart Bottle to the rescue!

But not so fast. A little further reading at DigitalTrends.com taught us more. “Kuvée is a smart wine bottle, but its biggest mission is to keep your wine from turning into vinegar in a few days. Using a unique aluminum bottle with a patent-pending valve on the top, it keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days at a time.”

Wait… what?


Not what we thought it was going to be. Not at all.

So we were a little amused to read the Gizmodo review of this device that compares it to the Keurig coffee machines. See, it’s not so much a smart bottle as a smart sleeve. Like the Keurig system, you purchase the dispenser… and then  you purchase specially packaged refills.

“Only instead of wasteful little pods, the Kuvee system uses metal bottles that store 750mL of delicious wine. The bottles feature special valves up top to keep the air out, so the wine can only be poured using that big smart wine sleeve. And the bottles are spill proof. You can lose their caps and drop them on the floor all you like. But the downside is that you need the Kuvee wine sleeve to get your drink on.”

We have our doubts about wine in an aluminum can. After all, even soda can taste like the can it was poured from. To do that with our beloved wine?!


On the plus side, the smart label gives you all sorts of information: the amount left in the bottle, the vintage, region of origin, alcohol content… even suggested pairings and other wines you might like. And yet, even the smart label has its downside. Now you have to unplug your phone to charge your wine bottle.

We’re all for technological advancement. And we’re always behind new ideas that are great for the wine world.

We just don’t know that we’re sold on the smart bottle.

If you feel the same, head on over to our wine list. We promise, nothing there comes in an aluminum can. And if you’ve tried out this newfangled contraption… give us your own review in the comments.

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