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Is Your Wine Glass Making You Drink More?

Is Your Wine Glass Making You Drink More?

News 🕔June 7, 2016 0 comments

Usually when you’re choosing a wine glass, you think about the wine itself…

Champagne goes in flutes. Red wine usually demands a fuller bowl and a larger opening to allow more exposure to air for a complete experience of aroma. White wine is often served in a glass that’s more upright, which still allow the aromas to release, but keeps the wine cooler. And rose is best in a glass with a shorter bowl and flared lip, to allow the wine to pour directly onto the part of the tongue that tastes sweetness.

We don’t often think about the size of the glass. Unless it’s just been one of those days.




But a new study from the University of Cambridge in England suggests we may be advised to consider not just glass shape, but the actual volume it can contain.

Time reports that researchers studied wine sales in a local (to Cambridge) pub for five months, and made an interesting discovery. People drink more wine when using larger glasses.

For the study, the pub switched between glasses – standard size (300 ml), larger glasses (370 ml) and smaller ones (250 ml) – every two weeks. The large glasses (while holding the same size serving of wine) sold at a higher rate.

When standard vessels were swapped for larger ones, vino sales went up 14.4% in the bar area and 8.2% in the restaurant portion of The Pint Shop.

Like so many other social studies, this one left researchers without an explanation of why people drank more wine, just that they most definitely did. Further studies are planned, to try to determine whether it’s a question of drinking speed, or perhaps flavor satisfaction.

We suppose there are a couple of ways you can take this research…



If you’re concerned about the amount of wine you consume, you can opt for a smaller glass. After all, your white wine won’t know if you drink it from a much smaller port wine glass! OR you can opt for something like this ring glass above!

The Seduction Series, brought to us from designer Merve Kahraman for Rémy Martin, offers you a downright tiny wine glass attached to glass rings! (It really is kind of cute.)

Or, if you’re like us… well…


What do you think? Ready to blame it on the glass if you have a little too much? Or – worse yet! – if you don’t finish the bottle and it goes to waste? Let us know in the comments!

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