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Is Diet Wine Worth Your Time?

Is Diet Wine Worth Your Time?

blog , Laurita Winery , wine advice , Wine Science 🕔December 21, 2017 0 comments

We understand… we’re watching our waistlines just like everyone else. (Especially during these cold, feast-filled months, where we’re mainly watching them expand… just like everyone else.) So it’s natural to look at the reduced-calorie wines available on the shelf and wonder whether it’s worth it.

According to CNN, it’s probably not.

If you are sticking to current recommendations for moderate drinking — that is, limiting yourself to one or two glasses of wine each day — you would be saving 30 to 60 calories a day. In the case of Skinnygirl wine, you save even less: about 20 to 25 calories per glass. Overall, that’s not a huge savings for something that is considered an indulgence.

Some of the popular reduced-calorie wines control their calorie count by controlling residual sugars. But sugar is not the only source of calories in wine (or any other adult beverage). Unfortunately, the bigger culprit is the alcohol itself.

The way to reduce calories in wine is to lower the amount of alcohol, according to Bershaw. “Unless we are talking about overtly sweet wines, alcohol content is by far the largest driver of calories,” he said.

Your best bet, if you’re calorie-concerned, is a light white. It has a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) and relatively low residual sugar. As you move through sweeter wines or higher ABV wines, you’ll see the calorie count rise.

The experts recommend that rather than fixate on the number of calories, you put a little thought into why you like the wines that you like!

“For me, it is flavor, balance and how it works with the food I am planning to cook or order in a restaurant. Personally I would never give up these important attributes to consume 25 or 30 calories less. If you give up one dessert a week, you can probably save more calories and enjoy a range of wines all week long and still come out ahead on the caloric scale.”

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather pass on the cheesecake and enjoy our wine.


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