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Interesting Results from the 2016 Wine Survey

Interesting Results from the 2016 Wine Survey

Laurita Winery , Wine Science 🕔December 31, 2016 0 comments

We Americans certainly like to make our opinions known… We tell the world what we think in person, on social media, on review websites, and more. (Quite a change from the days when you had to type out a letter to the editor if you felt the world would benefit from your personal point of view!)

But for every opinion we don’t care about one way or another (so help us, if anyone ever asks again whether that dress is blue or gold or whatever the heck that nonsense was about…), there are others we’re genuinely curious about. Enter the 2016 Survey of American Wine Consumer Preferences.

jax1228 reports that the recently released survey results highlight some interesting points about America’s taste in wine.

As always the information gives a glimpse into the types of wines Americans are drinking, as well as their reasons for doing so, average prices paid for wine, shopping locations, social media usage, and the answers to a few new questions on luxury wine, packaging and label design.

The What

One of the most interesting points, in our opinion, were the results on varietals and style

In 2015, a new question regarding preferred style of wine was added: How do you prefer your wine to taste? Check all that apply. Interestingly semi-sweet replaced fruity as the most preferred style in 2016.


At the same time, the 2016 sample also shows an increased preference for dry wine styles compared to 2015 respondents.

The Why

We were also curious about folks’ stated reasons for drinking wine. We, of course, assumed that people drink wine because they like the way it tastes.

Enjoying the taste of wine remained the number one reason why Americans like to drink wine, at 80% of the sample. Relaxation (at 61%) and pairing with food (55%) were the second and third reasons.


Well, we called that one!

Check out the rest of the survey results if you’re interested in more. And in the meantime, whichever your preference and whatever your reasons, grab a glass and toast with us! It’s time to create some stats for the 2017 wine reports!


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