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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Laurita Winery , wine advice , Wine Weirdness 🕔June 16, 2017 1 comment

Summer weather is finally here! And what’s better in summer than a frosty, cold beverage with ice cubes clinking in your glass?

Unless, of course, you’re drinking wine.

If you’re the kind of person who puts ice in your wine, you’ve no doubt seen the turned up noses and sideways glances from wine purists who treat your (admittedly minor) transgression as proof that you are just soooo uncouth! We once poured a glass of zinf at a family holiday function, dropped a handful of cubes into the glass, and heard the offended gasp! of an older relative who had probably just decided to write us out of the will.

Ah, well. We’re in good company. According to none other than Vogue magazine:

…a growing number of beverage professionals have started to come around to the idea of ice in wine—especially as a growing number of their clientele continue to request it.

It turns out even in France, where wine and wine drinking are serious business, iced wine is summer is something of a tradition! There’s even a French name for Champagne on ice. They call it “La Piscine”, which translates to “Swimming Pool”!

Keep in mind though that ice is water, and will eventually return to it’s liquid state. In your wine.

“Wine is not like scotch or absinthe where the addition of water or ice brings out otherwise hidden aromatics and flavors. Usually adding ice dilutes wine to the point of rendering it unrecognizable.”

Of course, if you finish your glass before the ice melts, you get all of the chill with none of the dilution!

We’re not going to judge you if you toss a few cubes in your glass, and we’re not going to praise you if you stodgily refuse. In all our years of drinking and serving wine, we’ve come to a simple conclusion… People like it both ways, so do what makes you happy!

Because at the end of the glass, what matters isn’t whether or not there’s a little bit of ice clinking around. What matters is that you enjoyed the experience! Cheers!


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