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How Well Do You Know Chardonnay?

How Well Do You Know Chardonnay?

blog , Laurita Winery 🕔April 17, 2018 0 comments

Every wine drinker has heard of (or tried) Chardonnay, but how well do you really know it?

Love it or hate it, everyone knows what Chardonnay tastes like, right?

Not necessarily.

According to an article from Forbes, most wine drinkers don’t really understand Chardonnay.

The perception that Chardonnay is a full-bodied, fruit-forward wine with creamy, buttery, rich flavors is, ironically, due to the fact that the grape is actually quite neutral in character.

This means that the flavor and aromas are highly variable depending on climate, terroir, and other factors. Most people think of Chardonnay as buttery, rich, subtly nutty, and laden with vanilla.

Let’s strip Chardonnay down to its core. Structurally, the grape has above-average acidity and body, and while flavors can vary based on climate, Chardonnay is a fruit-forward grape, with notes ranging from fresh citrus to overblown tropical fruits.

Doesn’t sound much like a classic Chardonnay, does it?

Malolactic fermentation — the secondary fermentation process that converts sharp malic acids into soft lactic ones — can add those buttery, dairy-like aromas and flavors, while new oak aging is responsible for those stereotypical vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg notes.

From one grape, two very different flavor/aroma profiles. Well, we say Viva la Difference! At Laurita Winery, we used the nature of the grape to create Chardonnay Naked and Chardonnay Reserve.

Chardonnay Naked is simple with tangy fruit flavors. It is clean, steely and bright. The round mouth feel and balanced finish make this an excellent experience. It is a refreshing wine with the oak stripped away to reveal the bare grape. Simply a crisp, clean, modest wine that doesn’t intrude with pretensions.

And while fads come and go, there will always be a demand for a more delicate, sophisticated Chardonnay. We present the Chardonnay Reserve. It’s a full-bodied wine with flavors of citrus fruit, figs and a slight hint of wood. The balance on the palate is wonderful.

So, back to our question? How well do you know Chardonnay?

We think you should stop in and try a glass of each before you decide.

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